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SOMETIMES I WISH THERE REALLY WAS A GOD! {An omnipotent invisible man in the sky}

I have to admit that even though I know that wishes will never and can never change fantasy into reality, when I lay in bed at night sometime I do WISH there was really an invisible man in the sky.

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I am sure that I will go to hell for using my own mind to think and reason things out for myself ; I will be roasting in hell for not believing that an innocent human died for the sins/crimes of all the guilty humans that will ever lived; I know I am going to hell for investigating what is written in the Bible/Quran for myself; I am definitely going to hell for not believing that all the words that is written in 2,000 year old books are totally true; why shouldn’t I burn forever for believing that the men living today know more about the world around them than the men that were living two thousands of years ago?

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Isn’t it funny how if a million people see one man jumping around , dancing, and talking to an invisible being, the millions of people will call him mad and try to commit him to a mental institution , but if these same million people gather together and jump around, dance, and talk to an invisible being they call it religion. When one person does it is called insanity but when a million people do it is called religion.

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